Standard Royalty Free License FAQ

Below is our FAQ on this topic. For the full legal document, please refer to our EULA.
If you have questions about the Standard Royalty Free License that are not answered in this FAQ, please contact Orebyte Support with your question.

I see you have a model that is just what I need for my new video game, film, print advertisement. What restrictions are there on my usage?
Our goal is to allow you the most possible flexibility in using purchased. When you are publishing, selling, or otherwise distributing your final product you cannot distribute the purchased model in a file format that is usable by any 3D application. The purchased model has to be incorporated into your final product in a way that the end user of it cannot access the purchased model itself. For example, you should publish your final product in a proprietary, native file format so that the users of your final product cannot access the model by itself. You must not distribute with your final product a folder (for example a .zip file) that includes the purchased models and textures by themselves.

Once I buy a product from Orebyte, may I change it for my use?
Yes, so long as the modified product is used within the scope of the license agreement. The only exception here is that simply because you have purchased a product and changed it around (applying textures, adding details, etc.) this does not grant you the right to re-distribute and sell that product as your own unless incorporated into your final product in a way that the end user of it cannot access the purchased model itself.

If I buy a model to use as a template (a reference to guide the placement of my polygons and curves) for another model I am going to build from scratch, how can I use the new model? 
Using models purchased or downloaded from Orebyte as templates is very common. You are welcome to do this and can use the new model that you made or derived from a model on Orebyte in any way that you would use a purchased model. Derivatives of models may not be sold or used in any manner inconsistent with the Orebyte End User License Agreement.

Can I use this 3d model even though it has a real company’s logo or other third-party design?
Although commercial use is within the scope of the Standard license (authorized by Orebyte), you must still keep in mind whether the content features renditions of third-party intellectual property (“IP”), such as real business’s logo or other third-party-protected design. For example, a 3d rendition of a vehicle may include a real-world manufacturer’s logo or other protected ornamental designs in the geometry. 

If a 3d model has third-party IP, it may only be used with that IP for Editorial purposes, i.e., in news/for journalistic purposes. To use such third-party material beyond Editorial purposes, you must have third-party clearance.

Do I have to pay royalties to the creator of purchased products every time my final product, which includes the creator's product, is distributed?
No. All royalties are paid at the time of purchase for Royalty Free products. After making the royalty payment with your purchase, you obtain the perpetual usage rights for the product royalty-free. However, your purchase is bound by the other restrictions for product use and does not include the right to transfer the ownership of the product to someone else, resell the product or publish it in any format that is usable by a 3D application. Please see all the other answers in this FAQ and our EULA for more details on the permitted usage of purchased products.

Can I buy a model from Orebyte under the Standard Royalty Free License, then use it to render out imagery for use anywhere within a book, poster, t-shirt or other items for sale commercially?
Yes. The rendered image in these cases does not constitute redistribution of the product in a prohibited manner. Public display and performance rights are standard to the default license agreement between vendors and rights purchasers.

Can I purchase a model from Orebyte and publish renders of it on a stock photography website?
No. Posting renders on stock art sites is expressly prohibited by the EULA. Renders may not be posted on stock content sites whether for free or for sale. Under the Standard Royalty Free license, you may not publish any images or videos which depict a Orebyte product on a stock art site, even if the featured Orebyte product is only a minority portion of the render.

I want to buy a product from the Orebyte Website and convert it to a physical 3D object for sale elsewhere. Is this allowed?
No, this is not allowed under the Standard Royalty Free license. However you may convert it to a physical 3D object for promotional use or production art reference. 

I want to buy a product from Orebyte and use or sell it in a virtual world community, like Second Life, Unity Asset Store, Steam Workshop or other virtual world communities. Is that allowed?
Orebyte 3D models, conversions, and any altered or unaltered part of a Orebyte 3D model or texture, may NOT be imported, uploaded, reproduced, made available, transmitted, distributed, or sublicensed in Second Life, Unity Asset Store, Steam Workshop or other virtual world communities. We prohibit any inclusion of Orebyte material in any software that imports open 3D file formats (e.g., Second Life, Unity Asset Store, Steam Workshop, 3D modeling software, etc.), and while we respect the Second Life, Unity Asset Store, Steam Workshop and similar communities, Team Orebyte does not believe the IP protections are sufficient for these uses.