Bomber Jacket Back Pack 01 Model with Textures. Model is created with Polygons and is UV Mapped and ready for commercial use. Non-Overlapping UV's occupy 0 to 1 space.  Includes Four Full Resolution Textures, Color Map, Normal Map, Gloss Map, Ao Map. Model is scaled to real world units "inches".  Assets can be imported into Software such as 3DS Max, Maya, Unity, Sketch Up, and many more. Models and Textures come in the file formats listed. Model delivered in Polygon Quads. This model has no underlying polygons to cap the bottom. *This model is pre-produced and may need additional art refinement.

 Object Size - Inches -

  • Length - 24 Inches
  • Width - 18 Inches
  • Height - 36 Inches

Model Quality Level - Polygons -

  • Ultra - LOD0 - 8,101 Polygons

Texture Quality Level - Pixels -

  • Ultra - 4096x4096 Pixels

    File Formats - Included - 

    • OBJ - 3D Format
    • FBX - 3D Format
    • TGA - Color, Normal, Gloss, Ao
    • TIFF - Color, Normal, Gloss, Ao 
    • JPG  - Color, Normal, Gloss, Ao

      Tags: Character, Jacket, Ultra

      Type: Jacket

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